Alliance for Corporate Transparency


The Alliance for Corporate Transparency is a three-year research project that brings together leading civil society organisations and experts with the aim of analysing the corporate disclosure on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues by the 1000 largest companies operating in the EU and recommending legislative changes.

  • Corporate reporting on ESG issues is crucial for achieving a sustainable economic and financial system. However, the current framework of corporate ESG disclosure is not fit for purpose. The challenge lies in defining what companies and financial actors need to disclose to promote long-term sustainable investment and support a transparent corporate governance framework.
  • The project will assess if companies are disclosing key information necessary for understanding their risks and impacts on the environment and society, as required by the EU Non-financial Reporting Directive. For this, the project will draw from international standards and existing reporting frameworks in order to determine what information is commonly understood to be essential and material.
  • The results will help companies to make their ESG disclosure more meaningful and will provide crucial missing information that policy-makers need for the development of the EU legislative framework for corporate reporting and the creation of a sustainable finance system. The project also collaborates with experts from leading business and investor organisations throughout consultation rounds.

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Partners and advisors of the project include: